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April musings about Why.

April 9, 2015

In fact, the St Patrick’s day post was written on March 17 but was saved only as a draft….

So now it really is April 9, a cold blustery day that could easily be confused for a November day were one to just drop into the world to see what’s up.  There have been very few – maybe one? – not bicyclable days since the last post, and that had something to do with thunder and lightening.  Some things I just won’t do.

The world is an amazing place and that’s not a good comment.  My daily work, the people I work with, the projects I work on, are all very rewarding.  There is great pleasure in finding things out, to paraphrase Feynman.  But I wonder about the sanity or genuinous of the bigger picture. For example, our governor recently banned state travel to another state based on a law that is very much the same as what we have had on the books in our state for several years.  The only difference is, that other state wrote specific definitions about to whom the law applies, whereas my state’s laws are vague.  Seems to be the bigger problem is in my own state, since such vagary would seem to allow the gov’t to interpret the law according to convenience rather than by statute. But then, I’m not a lawyer —which makes me even more skeptical about the entire mess.

Wasn’t this country founded on the idea that citizens should be left alone by gov’t?  Have we become legally intolerant of opinions which are not approved by Oprah, NPR, and Nancy Pelosi?

It seems to me that I do not have the right to refuse my services to anybody who needs my services.  Yet, I owe my creativity to nobody.  This is the paradox, but it’s not really.  One can simultaneously not refuse service yet refuse to engage in symbolism which lie outside of one’s values.  As a mechanic, if somebody came to me to fix a problem that I’m not comfortable fixing, who would force me to attempt to fix it just because the customer demanded?  yet, among those problems which I am comfortable fixing I would not refuse any potential customer.

How has that common-sense way of thinking become incorrect?

Is this the world I want to live in?

Far more important…is this the world in which I want to raise my offspring?

What are my options?

I’m back to the true paradox, how to survive as a retrocrank.  Values are important.  The nature of those values is less important than the firm holding of values which do not harm others – – – which allows me the right to not fear harm by the values of others.


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