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The Search

A looming and unrecognized presence is a cognitive challenge to the chance explorer of the beachhead. Distant observers may be taking note.


Sometimes there is nothing to do except relax and see what will be.


Recent events have made me aware of the insufficiency of Time granted to those seeking the thoughtful life, itself perhaps paradoxical.

I might put up some commented images here in the future but that depends on the relative value of the irreplaceable resource of time vs what I have to show or say.

I will periodically update my Flickr pages, ppsfilm and ppscolor58. I leave my favorite images I’ve made there. If you’d enjoyed my images, please feel free to visit, have a look, and drop me a note.

Gnomus, a.k.a. Retrocrank

Like a Dandelion

They grow like weeds, their gossamer offspring spreading readily and widely at the slightest breeze, randomly taking over the fields and woodlands.

And the dandelions in the yard?

Fomapan 100 / Microdol-X 1:1

Early Morning

Kentmere 100 / Microdol-X 1:1

Late in the Day

Gnomus heads home past the quiet sheepyard.

Kentmere 100 / Microdol-X 1:1


Fomapan 100 / Microdol-X 1:1

The Opposing Symmetries of Beginnings and Endings

Either way, in the end, the love you take is equal to the love you make.

Kentmere 100 / Microdol-X 1:1

The Moment

The handle lifted to open the gate, in search of place to rest the weary dogs, does not return and so the gate remains open. One can return to the trail anytime.

Kentmere 100 / Microdol-X 1:1

One option

The beauty of sapience is the aforehand knowledge that there is an exit for every entrance. The evidence of sapience is the consideration of the impact of that knowledge before entering.

Kentmere 100 / Microdol-X 1:1